Condominiums in Phuket

If the board chooses to use an FHA condo approval company they should not have to pay much over $1,200.00 for a complete certification and $800.00 or so for a re-certification. After they look over the procedure for obtaining HUD approval we think any board will agree that the money that these companies charge is well worth it.

One would think that with the condos essentially vacant at this point, the repairs would be easy; however, this was not the case. At any point, when I had water intrusion, no matter how large or small, I would also hire an environmental consultant to scan the damage with a thermal imaging camera as well as an electronic moisture reader. The thermal imaging camera allowed me to see the extent of the water that was trapped in the walls by the insulation. A thermal imaging camera detects any moisture in a “hot/cold” pattern. It gives you an insight as to where water is “hiding”. If water is trapped between walls you must remove it otherwise you run the risk of mold growth. Mold will only stop growing if you remove its life source, water. In this situation the water had been absorbed into the insulation behind the sheetrock and was lacking any air flow to help dry out. In each condo I had to remove two feet of sheetrock on all exposed walls. On the exterior walls this meant having only a piece of sheathing to protect the interior of the condo, due to the fact that the stucco was removed on the outside.

4. Will there be dues collected for a common budget? In small, two-unit condos, it is possible that there will not be a common budget for the project. Each owner may be required to handle all maintenance of the portion of the building and land that he occupies or uses. If this is the case, how will major structural repairs be handled, should they arise?

A house in Manila also offers a lot more living area. Adults and children alike demand their areas to have time to themselves. Possible customers who have space-intensive interests would also be more satisfied with a house rather than a condo. Doing work from home is also generally more pleasant in a house. The additional space indicates that there is much more room for everything that an individual possesses.

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Owning a loft or a condominium does offer a number of benefits when compared with other real estate options. One of the main draws of these residences is their relatively low price. Condos and lofts typically cost less than a townhouse, thus making them a great option for newly married couples or people who enjoy living by themselves. What's more, their low market price ensures that if a mortgage is required it is not at a level which becomes a serious burden, important in these times or rising living costs and high unemployment.